Frequently Asked Questions

The device is malfunctioning: normal discharge pressure is created without the collection mucus cup, while with the collection mucus cup normal discharge pressure is not created. What could be the problem?

Probably your aspirator lacks the special O-ring, which serves as a liner between the collection cup and the device housing case. The absence of the O-ring results in a loss of air-tightness causing the failure to create the necessary discharge pressure. Please contact the nearest service center for malfunction repair.

How effective is the aspirator during application? Is it sufficient enough for removing nasal mucus completely?

The aspirator is highly effective for its intended purpose according to its proper use. It effectively removes loose mucus without any additional means; before removing thick, viscous mucus the Aqua Maris spray or a similar mucus diluting medicine needs to be used. Please consult your physician for selecting the appropriate medicine.

A silicone tip got lost or broken. Is it possible to clean the nose of a child/ remove nasal mucus without any tip?

It is strictly prohibited to clean the nose of a child/ remove nasal mucus without the tip! Violation of the tip’s integrity or the lack of the tip is a potential threat to damage nasal mucosa! If you face any difficulty in finding replacement parts or accessories, please contact our service center.

What is included in the set with the device?

Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy includes the following elements:

  • nasal aspirator;
  • AA batteries 1.5 V (2 pcs);
  • narrow silicone tip;
  • large silicone tip;
  • collection cup;
  • storage bag;
  • instruction manual with a guarantee card.

What type of batteries is required?

Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy operates on two alkaline batteries of AA type 1.5 V. It is recommended to take the old batteries as a reference when you are going to buy new ones. New batteries can be purchased in home appliances shops, hypermarkets, household goods stores, photo shops and gas stations.

How long is the battery life in the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy?

An aspirator can operate on one set of batteries for about 90 minutes depending on their quality.

How long is the service lifetime of the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy?

AGU products are designed for a long service life. Only high quality components are used in the production; the main units are well protected. When developing new products we test the load on key components to ensure long service life of our devices. The aspirator is designed to operate for at least 5 to 10 years under normal household conditions. Despite careful development and robust construction, improper handling of the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy can lead to malfunction. Proper care and correct operation will allow the aspirator to serve for many years providing the child with comfortable nose cleaning procedures.

What is the size and weight of the aspirator?

The Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy weighs 146 g without batteries, and its dimensions (length x width x height) are 98.5 mm x 45.3 mm x 143 mm.

What can the aspirator's noise level be compared to?

The operating noise level of the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy is less than 75 dB in a 30 cm distance from the unit which corresponds to conversation or laughter loudness level.

Can I use the aspirator for similar procedures in mouth, eyes or ears?

The Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy is intended to remove mucus only from the nasal cavity. Do not use it for other purposes.

How should the device be properly cleaned after the aspiration?

Carefully disconnect the head module with a tip from the body of the device, then remove the tip and screw out collection cup by turning it clockwise. The collection cup, the head module and the tip should be washed with mild soap in warm water for 3 minutes. After that, every part should be washed under hot tap water for 3 minutes and poured over with boiling water. Then air-dry all the parts. DO NOT use aggressive detergents or abrasive cleaners.

It is strongly recommended to wipe the body of the aspirator with a clean, soft and dry fabric only. DO NOT wash the body of the aspirator with water or any other liquid.

What shall I do in case the suction is weak or there is no suction at all while the device is operating?

The following might be reasons for the inefficient operation of the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy:

  • Incorrect conditions of aspiration. – A child must remain in an upright position during the procedure. Hold aspirator vertically keeping the tip of the device at a 90° angle to nasal passage. Insert the tip into the nostril but avoid excessive pressure on the wings of the nose and don’t insert the tip deep into the nasal cavity. Gently pinch the other nostril and start aspiration by holding the power button for a while until a vacuum is generated to remove mucus. If you need to stop suction, simply release the button and the device will turn off. Note that mucus doesn’t appear in the collection cup immediately. It is recommended to quickly clean the tip after each use by removing it from the aspirator.
  • The batteries are low or they are installed incorrectly. – Check or replace the batteries.
  • A rubber ring (a gasket) which should be located in the place where the collection cup is screwed in, is missing. – Ensure that there is a gray rubber ring (a gasket) in the place where collection cup is screwed in.

Why doesn’t music stop when I press the music button?

Probably, you didn’t hold the button long enough. To make the music stop playing, please press and hold the music button until music stops.

Why doesn’t music play when I press the music button?

Probably, the batteries are low or they are installed incorrectly. Check or replace the batteries.

How should I choose the appropriate tip for the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy?

When choosing one of the following tips, take into account individual characteristics of the nose, including its shape and size as well as mucus consistency:

  • a narrow tip is recommended in case mucus has liquid consistency;
  • a large tip is recommended in case mucus has rather thick consistency.

What kind of melodies does the aspirator play? Is it music or songs?

The Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy plays 12 well known children's tunes.

How should I perform the nose cleansing procedure in order to not scare the baby?

The Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy can make nose cleansing procedures more comfortable for the baby. Show aspirator to the child, turn it on and let the baby get used to its sound. Press the music button and tell your child that the aspirator can not only cleanse the nose, but plays melodies as well. This will distract the child’s attention from the procedure and the baby will feel more comfortable. To select a different melody, press the music button again. Press and hold the music button to turn the melody off.

When is it forbidden to use the device?

It is forbidden to use the device in the following cases:

  • damage on the integrity of nasal mucosa;
  • individual structural features of nasal septum;
  • nosebleed;
  • open injuries of head and neck;
  • problems with blood clotting.

In case using the device leads to the deterioration of child's condition, stop aspiration immediately and consult a doctor.

Are there any diseases accompanied by nasal congestion, in case of which the use of the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy may be limited?

Yes, there are. Before using the device, please consult a doctor.

For children of what age is the Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy appropriate?

The Nasal Aspirator AGU – Daisy is specifically designed to cleanse the nose of babies from the first days of life.
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